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Listen to us, we are financial experts with a wealth of experience serving your interests. We know what’s best.
The only thing to thank financial professionals for is they did not choose to be pilots, bus drivers or life guards. If an economist drove a bus over a cliff he would assure the passengers if they could get an immediate extension on the height he could save the day as there would be no reason to hit bottom. Economics is highly technical and based on concepts too difficult for poor, single mothers with limited education who have raised productive, properly-fed, well-schooled children to grasp.

Listen to us, we are certified wildlife experts employed by the government. Injured animals must be left to their natural ways; dodging cars, fishing in lifeless rivers (thanks to pesticide run-off and chemical spills) and hunting in monoculture fields the size of Manhattan. When their natural habitat becomes the suburb in which you live it is best to pretend you are not there. Above all remember compassion is bad and unkind to the needy creature, you must fight the urge to be part of the living, breathing earth.

Listen to us, we are nutritional experts in the employ of concerned corporations. In these times of runaway cancer rates, diabetes through the roof and diminished immune systems food must be carefully analyzed, altered for improvement, packaged, marketed and managed by government inspected corporations. We purchase countless studies proving our manufactured products are a requirement for a healthy diet and improve on real food in ways too complex for a layman to understand. It is unfortunate about the health thing but studies clearly show the cause to be old-fashioned foods like butter even though thousands of years of use is only now resulting in ubiquitous obesity.

Listen to us, we are human resource experts with experience placing the right people. We have multicolored charts and Power Point presentations proving conclusively that candidates holding credential for four years of reading hardcover data created by people with eight years experience collating statistics created by people with no practical knowledge about those with hands-on experience in the field are better for a position than someone with actual experience. How some of the graduates manage to make it through without comprehensive reading skills or an ability to write coherently is being studied; the results will be available for review in a few years.

Listen to us, we are art experts and we can help you decide what you like. It is very important to understand what the artist is trying to say – it takes years to distinguish art from…
Fraud needs to be explained, not art. If a contemporary artist can’t express himself well in his medium his imagination is wasted on his talent.

The only thing self-confessed experts in fields of indeterminable results seem to have in common is an extraordinarily high and indestructible gracious opinion of themselves. Why the rest of us opt to believe them is the real mystery.

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If democracy is dependent on an
informed electorate can it exist in the land of Google? There are not
many pages being delivered to browsers that don’t have the same
limited set of messages chosen for us, not by us. These same
seemingly agreeable messages appearing over and over are aimed at us,
not for us. It is like a dripping tap; drip, drip, drip hitting
squarely on the center of our forehead. Fortunately for some the
damage is limited to time spent on the Internet.

Foraging beyond the computer for
constant confirmation of our beliefs displays mantras maintained by
Murdoch and the rest of the media stable. What Hitler was able to
accomplish in a small geographical area with amplification, media is
now managing internationally and unrelentingly – powerful
misinformation in the service of the few. Messages are so ubiquitous
they seem like our own thoughts. Prejudices and merchandise presented
as ideas disconnected from source form inescapable sound scapes and
landscapes that blend into a virtual mind adopted by us as us.

The grand traditions of silent orders
and mountain top gurus existing and thinking beyond the fray has
given way to highly-informed experts but is having too much
information to be misinformed? Is information best used to stimulate
thought, not usurp it? Is knowledge drowning in a sea of information?
Are we so given to modeling everything with words and images we trust
the abstract more than reality? Have we come to trust our information
more than reality? It appears we have. What cannot be ‘proven’ with
words is dismissed as false. Why? Love cannot be proven any more than
any other commitment but few parents put the effort forward to
explain to their children it is not real; yet they can spend as
much time as it takes to ‘prove’ others’ belief systems ridiculous.
Why are we so determined to restrict reality to our limited and
descriptive mindset? We dismiss art in the same manner – “That’s
not art, it doesn’t meet the criteria”. So – art is not inventory.
Good art, as most of the wonderful things in life, defies database
driven description.

Is misinformation easier to generate
as, like gossip, it is completely dependent on avoiding research? Is
it easier to comprehend as it has no truck with truth and moves like
darkness through a vacuum? Everything you need to know to participate
you know without effort. Is intolerance and a world limited by what
rather than what could be really the best way forward?

Wrestling with what we don’t understand
may be a better exercise than condemning those who do and yet the
trend is quite the opposite. Why do we have such strong opinions
about the Middle East or religion? What is our true concern? For the
most part we have too many difficulties locally and personally to invest our
families and thoughts in borders and governance of people who have zero
history of peace or problem solving. Are these opinions actually our
opinions or are we being manipulated? Are others queuing our anger strictly
for their own interests? Should we not be concentrating on our own problems?
There appears to be a lot of men angry with other cultures for the way they
treat women but was it truly male enlightenment that lead to women driving
in some parts of the world or simply altered requirements and expediency
in developing environments? Maybe a quick review of wages would help us
grasp our own skewed perspective of equality. Maybe circumstance dictates our
cultural mores more than altruism. We could always try tolerance and
acceptance just to see what happens next. That would be novel.

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