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If politicians were statesmen corrupt bankers would be prisoners.

If you elect opportunists to plunder public coffers on your behalf don’t expect others to elect statesmen. Democracy is vulnerable, never convenient and can be easily used by groups to their exclusive advantage. Electing independents circumvents party kowtowing and results in direct representation of citizens – get your independent up and running today.

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With demonstrations across the world
demanding change it might be a good time for each of us to define our
real problems and try to imagine real solutions. Is it wealth
distribution or the power that wealth wields that is truly hurting
us? Does anyone really care if Wall Street and its worldwide
franchises are in a weird Dickensian state or if the whole pack of
them are overwhelmed in an avalanche of money? Maybe what bothers you
is the fact that they manipulate the value of your house and everything
you own for their benefit without a concern in the world for you or
your family. Do you think about their lack of contribution to the
country while taking so much reward through the controlling of its

Is it your job? You wish you had one
so your family could be comfortable knowing there will be food,
a table to put it on and a roof over it next week. Everyone has
a lot of personal thinking to do without the assistance of any
more media information. No sense looking to the television when
you are the only one who knows your problems and cares so
completely about the solution.

Maybe it is time to let them take their money,
stick it in their banks and get out of their racket all
together. Let them win, who cares. Use your power as a citizen to
vote down their rules. Use your community as a tool of power. Stop
using their currency whenever possible and start using your own.
Barter means never having to pay for banking services. Barter means
the value of your work stays in your community. Communities that hire
themselves first can’t have their jobs shipped to children who should
be in school on other continents. The banks can declare you
financially dead for all you care if you act as a community rather
than a tool of the banks and the corporations they represent.

Take back your local resources.
Don’t let an accountant in London or a banker in Bangkok decide to
poison your water and air so he can do you out of a job and get rich
in the process. Those are your resources, not his, keep it that way.
How in Hell did we ever come to believe it was to our benefit to give
our pristine, natural rivers, lakes, skies, forests and mountains to
invisible investors whose ‘people’ use our land as a production sewer
and then return the resulting toxic sludge to our families to breathe
and drink at our peril. We have been dancing to the tune of jobs, jobs,
jobs for ever but there are no jobs so take back the resources you
traded for them. Those resources owned locally are the future of
every village, town and county in the country because the jobs will
never be shipped away by those who need them.

We must have known aliens were involved
in November 2009 when Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs) said bankers
are doing “God’s work”. Their god is obviously not your God.
They seem to have a special banker god that hires the best
politicians available to do their bidding. If a political
representative says you are wrong about local ownership, elect a new
one…as often as necessary.

The problem is not their money, it is
us using their money that takes from us all hope, dignity and
probably sanity. The solution is simply to ignore their money and
return to the community for hope and support. There is no debtor’s
prison so the worst case is that bankers might think less of you
(presently they never think of you at all) and only you can decide if
that is such a bad thing. Most of us have probably had better people
than bankers think less of us. So change the laws in your area to
suit the residents rather than international corporations and wave
a hearty goodbye to the problem that is destroying your family and

No matter what you decide,
treat bankers fairly; after all you are not a corporate banker and are
above acting like one.

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