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There is a place that can’t be reached by the information highway. It is a mythical place where there are no studies, nor data, nor facts; just stories. One of these stories is of a place called Silly – or more properly Silly-By-The-Sea – where people call their stories studies and write about facts rather than ideas. The studies and facts are created and managed for a few but hold unlimited influence over everyone. For all their hard work the few are rewarded with honor and respect particularly from themselves and their followers known, when completely absent, as head lites.

The Silly common belief is that this select few are leading a charge to overcome nature on which their future existence depends and replacing it with a superior system thereby installing themselves as masters of their own destiny and that of all of life. Not everyone in Silly is pleased with the institutionalization of hubris. There are those who think mastering life involves more than a complete lack of acknowledgement and subsequent destruction of most of it. For them this sacrosanct exalted hedonistic height is a perilous precipice and the loss of potable water or breathable air more than an inconvenient aspect of progress. For them it is flat out wrong.

As the polarization becomes irreparable, the vast majority – being the minuscule minority of shareholders – mobilize through technology. They use cell phones to greet each other and discuss lengthy issues, drive great distances to join in condemnation of oil companies, fly anywhere to attend environmental conferences and eat in fat food restaurants to keep pace in the fast lane of conservation and energy efficiency. They are quick studies when it comes to learning ways to transfer their tiny share to the powerfully wealthy in every conceivable way. There is no corporation they won’t support in their fight against greed and big business. They never stray far from the fire hoses of facts pumping hourly instalments of subterfuge into their electronic sea.

While some in the mythical place laugh at the regular retelling of this ludicrous story more people, now not so distant from the indoctrination highway, are hearing the pounding of the internal combustion war drums, tasting the air and smelling the water. The myth is encroaching. The community is threatened. They still think for themselves and wonder if and what their children will be allowed to think.

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