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For thousands of years people were taught to respect and fear an omnipotent, omnipresent, invisible presence monitoring their movements, actions and thoughts. People paid the representatives of this mighty power monthly for the services they believed they could not live without. Communication beyond the immediate community passed through those paid to maintain the connection; translation, conciliation and billing were in their domain. Those who couldn’t pay, didn’t have to pay. Their provider was politically powerful.

The payments weren’t just for protection money and membership fees, people received far greater benefits. Their belief and support built awe-inspiring buildings with towering steeples functioning like lighthouses beckoning believers to a sense of safety. The organizations supported the most magnificent music, inspired people to be great examples for others, and were the principle force behind the evolution of communities. The collective experience gave people a sense of belonging.

Today we need reach no further than our pockets or night tables to confirm an omnipotent, omnipresent, invisible presence monitoring our movements, actions and thoughts. We pay the representatives of this mighty power monthly for the services we believe we could not live without. Communication within and beyond the immediate community passes through those paid to maintain the connection, arbitration is in their domain. Those who can’t pay, don’t get service and are subject to harsh judgment. Their provider is powerful.

Today we are able to construct communities with people we have never met and know no better than incidental characters in romance novels. If we are challenged or bored we can quit anytime with no sense of commitment; like putting down a book. Our avatars and personas, managed with loving care, perform across the globe as we remain home directing them – the painting in the attic as it were. The images we create can go decades with no signs of aging or advancement of any kind. We have unbridled access to a free universe of alphanumeric-graphical information laying out an imaginary stage and delivered to us in little packages as digestible as chunks of chapter and verse. We are able to source our political, financial and other difficult decisions in the safety of those we believe to be equally educated participants. We can submit our selected opinions at our peck and call with the comfort of knowing our persona can disappear instantly at the threat of change. As with dinner, we no longer concern ourselves with decisions, we just have them delivered. A box of prepared dinner costs so much more than the ingredients, professionally assembled opinions are free. Obviously gifts from the professionally thoughtful.

Beliefs have been replaced by facts, debate by argument. We quickly build our arguments with facts we select as if we are imagining members of an all-star sports team. We congregate with like-minded people to confirm our convictions and groom our wonderful, irrefutable facts. Life, it appears, is based on a single linear truth. A perfect oneness beyond the reaches of reality is at the core of our existential being. To be valid, facts – true facts, science-based facts – must be delivered in packets of information, bit by speeding bit. They must be the product of those widely ‘known of’ but seldom known; those who touch perfection but avoid the compulsory flaws of social existence. Other individuals have no direct access to wisdom or knowledge, they must be educated using the respected facts and issued certification by those issued certification earlier. Those who aren’t educated by the proper authorities are subject to the vagaries of personal observation, research, abstractions, experience and prone to develop an uninformed belief system veering away from the singular truth. Independent thinking is simply unprofessional and a burden on society.

Maybe the spirit within holds the reassuring wisdom we seek from those we have come to trust without knowing.

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